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The Premier Online Shopping Site for Artwork Created by New Mexico Artists

Complete your everyday look by wearing colorful  jewelry pieces from Coral’s Creative Gallery.We offer one-of-a-kind accessories that are sure to add a touch of sophistication to any outfit.  We have watercolor, arylic, and oil paintings, as well as photography.  Our artists are Jane Chevalier (Master Wire Wrap Artist), Tom Hershberger (Jewelry artist, sculpture, and painter), Coral Waggoner (jewelry designer stone and silver), Priscilla Day (Acrylic Paintings), Suzanne Warchal (Oil Paintings and Watercolor), John Warchal (Photographer), Allen Waggoner (Photographer).

Sharing the Bold Spirit of New Mexico Artists 

One of my goals is to share the beauty of the creations of New Mexico Artists. I use sterling silver and high-quality gemstones, including cabochons, to make eye-catching products that embody my unique designs.. To ensure my customers’ satisfaction, I cut the stones personally and customize the design of the cut depending on their preferences. The artwork is my gallery is chosen from artists that are living in New Mexico even though their roots are from all over the county.

 About Me

I established Coral’s Creations more than 15 years ago as a way for me to show my passion for stone and silver jewelry. To develop the skills needed to produce my own pieces, I trained for three years at the Des Moines Art Center and two years at the Des Moines Rock Club. I’m also a member of the Belen Art League. As proof of my dedication to my craft, my designs have won blue, red, and white ribbons in jewelry shows in New Mexico.

My philosophy is that everyone should have access to elegant ewelry pieces. Since I produce the products myself, my jewelry-making process is highly cost-effective. This allows me to offer top-quality but affordable accessories that you will be proud to have in your collection.

See How the  Charm of Jewelry Comes Alive in My Work

If you’re looking for distinctive, well-made accessories, look no further than my shop. Buy a beautiful piece of jewelry today!